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    EyeBrow Marker 799.00

    About this item

    • Light Brown / Medium Brown – The Light Brown is more of a Medium Brown. It is used for Brunettes or Medium Brown Hair. If your have medium brown hair with a light brown highlights, please choose the Light Brown.
    • JUST LIKE YOUR REAL BROWS & EASY TO USE – The tiny fork of the eyebrow Pen likes the brush. Angle fork tip across eyebrows and draw hair-like strokes from anchor to tail. Repeat as desired for added intensity. i-brow pen draws your eyebrows resembling 3D natural real hair.
    • WATERPROOF & EASY TO WIPE -The liquid of eyebrow pencil is waterproof and easy to rub off. Do not rub your eyebrows too hard.
    • LONG LASTING – Our long-lasting formula delivers up to 24 hour wear that is smudge-proof.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: When NOT in use, Keep the cap TIGHT and Keep it UPRIGHT-TIP DOWN to ensure the tip can’t dry out!
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    HAIR GROWTH OIL 999.00
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    Heatless Curling Rod Ribbon Silk Curling Lazy Curler Hair Rollers Soft Wave Formers Women DIY Hair Styling Tools 1,800.00

    Product details of Heatless Curling Rod Ribbon Silk Curling Lazy Curler Hair Rollers Soft Wave Formers Women DIY Hair Styling Tools
    Heatless curl hair ribbon is to give you a new way of curling your hair created to get beautiful curls without putting heat in your hair. Say goodbye to breakage and split ends, and hello to healthy hair!100% Brand new and High quality. The Curling Ribbon is strong and durable and can be reused for a long time. and will have your hair looking and feeling amazing. Curling Ribbon will not damage your hair.Hair clips that are long enough can be tightly fixed and are perfect for thick, thin, curly, or straight hair. Before going to bed at night, curl your hair with a curling ribbon, wrap your hair around two curling rods, fasten it with a button, and wrap it around your head. Wake up in the morning and you can roll up amazing curls without spending extra time.Suitable for parties, ceremonies, birthdays, banquets, and daily wear, carrying at home or on business trips, and suitable for wet hair use. Let you have beautiful curly hair every day.

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    Last Day 70% OFF–FluffUp Secret Hair Fiber Powder 1,799.00
    • Instant Fluff Up
      Fill thinning hair, hairline and bald spots in 5 seconds! Simply sprinkle FluffUp and achieve a full, volumized hair!
    • Gray Hair Cover Up
      Use FluffUp and cover all the grey roots and color-treated roots quickly
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    Limurakyum Volume Max Shading Powder for Hair Waterproof, Hairline Shadow Powder, Hairline Powder, Makeup Concealer, Magical Fluffy Thin Hair Powder, Instant Max Volumizing Cover Up Powder 1,350.00

    1. It is safe and will not damage hair and scalp.
    2. Beautify the hairline curve, create a beautiful hairstyle, lightly color, modify the uneven edges of the hair.
    3. The effect is lasting, with powder puff and mirror, it is more convenient to use.
    4. Light weight, small size, easy to carry.
    5. Anti-sweat, daily waterproof and windproof.

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