• -25%Limited
    Pure Posture Seat Cushion 2,999.00
  • -54%Limited
    Waterproof leak-trapping spray ground and roof leak-proof 1,299.00

    ✔️ Adhesion on all materials: Concrete, ceramic tiles, marble, iron, corrugated iron, plastic, …
    ✔️ Expands according to all bonding materials in all wet, dry, hot, cold, water, grease … environments.
    ✔️ Guaranteed durability up to 10 years.
    ✔️ Safe, convenient, easy to use.
    ✔️ 100% reverse waterproof and waterproof. ✔️ Extremely solid, leak-proof, multi-purpose anti-leak sprayer solves all the troubles for your family quickly.

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